Golo Diet

Golo diet, also known as Golo Metabolic Plan, was introduced in 2009. This diet plan claims that there is undoubtedly an issue with the hormones, that is messing with the ability to lose weight. According to this Golo diet plan, the problem is with the insulin hormone acts as a hindrance in the weight loss despite all the efforts being performed. The Golo diet plan is formulated by a team of dedicated doctors, practitioners, and pharmacists.  The aim behind this diet plan is to maintain a lean body mass, reduce the risk of getting sick, and look better.

How does the Golo diet works?

The Golo diet is based on the concept of controlling the insulin level in the body. Instead of just reducing the calories or eliminating certain food groups. Controlling the inulin level leads to better functioning of the metabolism. Once the metabolism starts working efficiently, weight loss can be achieved easily.

What to eat and what not to eat?

According to the Golo diet plan, one has to consume 1300 to 1500 nutritionally dense calories throughout a day. It also includes taking a dietary supplement known as Release. The Golo diet focuses on a calorie-controlled diet plan that provides for unprocessed foods and regular exercise. 

The food that is permissible to eat in this diet plan includes proteins, carbs, fats, and veggies. On the contrary, processed and refined foods along with sweeteners are prohibited. Proteins can be ingested in the form of poultry, meat, seafood, dairy products, etc. Whole foods are strongly recommended. Carbs can be taken up by eating starchier vegetables like potatoes, winter squash. Other foods like different seeds and oils help in increasing the amounts of fats ingested by the body.

Recommended diet timing

The question majorly asked by people who take up the Golo diet plan is “What’s the recommended timings for the meals?” The answer to this, according to the nutritionists, is that this diet demands three balanced meals per day, which include one or two portions of all the food groups mentioned above. Along with that, one capsule of Release is to be taken during every meal or maybe after it.

The supplement – Release

“Release” is the supplement that is to be taken during the Golo diet. It is made of three vital ingredients: Zinc, Magnesium, and chromium. These three ingredients are essential for the human body and should be taken in appropriate amounts. In addition to these ingredients, some other elements are also included in the dietary supplement.

Magnesium is useful for making bones strong, keeping a healthy heart, and maintaining good blood circulation. The amount of Magnesium present in Release is almost 4% of its daily recommended value. One tablet of Release contains 15 mg of Magnesium, making a person take 45 mg of Magnesium throughout a day. Zinc, on the other hand, is responsible for weight loss; although not proven to a greater extent, scientifically and medically. One tablet of Release contains about 10 mg of Zinc, adding 30 mg of Zinc intake throughout the day. Chromium, the third essential ingredient, is beneficial for improved glucose control; though not proven. One tablet of Release contains about 70 mcg Chromium; making the total count of 210 mcg per three tablets.

Pros and Cons of the Golo diet

Like all other diet plans, The Golo diet also has its pros and cons. The pros of the Golo diet include eating whole foods, seeking nutrient-dense items like green vegetables and whole grains, high intensity exercising for at least 15 to 20 minutes a day, limiting the calorie intake, and having a good look at that. The other advantages include the removal of processed foods and the sweeteners, responsible for deteriorating health. On the contrary, the cons of the Golo diet include a limited amount of research, expensive supplements, and costly diet plans. According to Golo’s official website, a 30-day plan costs approximately $50, a 60-day program costs $80, and so on. The other disadvantage of the Golo diet is that it includes supplements. According to the nutritionists and medical practitioners, supplements are not suitable for the body, and they also intervene with the functioning of different medicines like antibiotics.

The Golo diet claims to achieve weight loss efficiently. However, it involves lowering the insulin level, eliminating certain foods, and controlling the calorie intake. It also involves high-intensity exercises, which lead to the demand for extra calories by the body. However, it may not be a healthy recipe for many people. Therefore, only go for this diet plan if you are serious and can make some harsh decisions.